Interview with Salima Sarsenova

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The book about Kazakh culture has found its form in Lithuania

Our doors are always open to our creative customers who wish to witness the printing process of their publication. This time, we are delighted that Kazakh culture has found its expression in Lithuania, at Printing House Kopa.

Recently, we were visited by a client from Kazakhstan, a representative of Étage (multidisciplinary design consultancy), and Salima Sarsenova, the publisher of the Kazakh Ornament book. While the printing work was in progress, we had the opportunity to converse with the publisher book, Salima Sarsenova, regarding the project and her experience at the printing house.

KOPA: Tell us more about your project and how the idea was born.

Salima: The project was born a couple of years ago when I came across an incredible book by a very talented artist and historian from Kazakhstan. As soon as I saw his book on Kazakh Ornament, I wanted to help him create an additional version of the book that would be focused on design as well as the main historical content. We began by having a lot of discussions on the format and how to create a new version of the book without compromising on the original content. When we partnered with the graphic design studio Étage, we instantly had a mutual understanding and a goal to create a beautiful, limited edition publication about Kazakh Ornament that would be attractive to a wide audience. We hope that the final product will be a meaningful addition to any home and that it will help our audience to better understand the rich heritage of the Kazakh people.

KOPA: What is the most important thing for you about printing? 

Salima: I would say the most important thing about printing for us is the quality of the final product. We chose KOPA because we were confident that the quality of the printing would be of a very high standard. Aside from that, we also value the friendliness and cooperation of the people that we work with. Both of these things have been amazing at KOPA, so we are thrilled that we chose to work with them! 

KOPA: We often hear people say that printing and printed material are dying. What are your thoughts on this?  

Salima: I hope that is not the case! I value and appreciate printed materials and think that there will always be a place for them in this world. I enjoy having beautiful books in my home and I cannot imagine a world without them!  

KOPA: Why did you choose Lithuania and Printing House Kopa?  

Salima: It was a very easy choice, to be honest! As soon as our partners at Étage proposed to work with KOPA we didn't have any hesitation. Your experience and expertise speak for themselves when seeing your portfolio and your past projects. 

KOPA: What are your expectations of the visit?

Salima: I am pleased to say that visiting Printing House Kopa has exceeded all my expectations! The printing facilities are impeccable, and the staff is very friendly and easy to work with. It has been a great pleasure visiting the facilities and meeting the team. Seeing the printing process in action is incredibly interesting and exciting! I appreciate the openness and friendliness of the entire staff and for making my visit such an enjoyable and enriching experience.

KOPA: Would you advise others to come and participate in the printing process? 

Salima: As I have learned, the printing process is not an easy task! Yet, I would still strongly advise anyone interested to participate in it because it is always highly rewarding to see and hold a beautiful product at the end of the journey. It makes it all worth it!  

If you also want to come and see the printing process, you are always welcome to connect with your project manager and arrange your visit to us in Lithuania, at Printing House Kopa. We are excited to welcome you!