New face

Spaustuvė KOPA

„New face – the same values“

On July 31st 2018, the majority of KOPA team started working in our new home that was just built in Kaunas Free Economic Zone. This extremely important projects has been in the works for a while, but we can only reflect on the road that we've traveled once we've seen the result with our own eyes.

If we last met at least a week ago, you were probably visiting us at the printing house’s old building at Kampo Street 7, where we spent 15 years. This place was indeed important to us – this is where we were creating the history of our company, celebrating, accepting new challenges and meeting numerous people along the way who helped us grow. The greatest part is that throughout these years we grew not only physically but also in discovering new technological and structural possibilities, and so reached a point over time where we couldn’t expand any further in the city centre. We had to make probably the boldest decision in the history of the printing house – to renew ourselves completely, both inside and out. And it all quickly started to turn into reality. 

The Free Economic Zone is an economically sound and seemingly conventional solution for building the new printing house. On the other hand, a new building means the possibility to adapt the spaces to the individual needs of the employees and customers with no restrictions, and, most importantly, to unconditionally fulfil all of the technical requirements necessary for ensuring the stability of production and process optimisation.

The building will feature lounge spaces that will allow employees to have a little peace when searching for inspiration, to hold creative sessions or discuss a project with a guest in a calm environment. Those craving the tranquillity of nature will be able to relax their eyes and souls with a 15-minute break in the inner courtyard under verdant birch trees.

7,200 square metres – that’s enough space for ensuring our future needs. Even though the history of the printing house began with just three people sharing two chairs in an Old Town attic, today the number of KOPA’s employees is approaching 150, and new colleagues are constantly joining our team. 

Larger premises also mean wider possibilities for innovation. The new printing machine Heidelberg XL-LE UV 106 is impressive not only by its size but also by its efficiency. We remain faithful to LE-UV technology, which is already appreciated by our customers and saves time and allows for the preservation of colour brightness on non-coated paper. What matters to us is that this equipment releases significantly fewer environmentally harmful substances while the ink is dried immediately during the printing process using UV lamps, which results in the almost complete elimination of the effects of printing powder. 

Another advantage of the Free Economic Zone is the nearby international airport of Karmėlava, which will put the printing house within reach of newly arriving customers. The printing process often involves designers, authors and creative teams not just from other European countries but even as far away as Australia, which means they need a proper rest after their journey. That’s why the printing house will have a special customer’s room where customers will be able be rest, eat, do some work or even have a nap. 

Despite the fact that we are in the midst of big changes, we remain faithful to the company’s values. What matters most is the company team and the possibility to work with real experts in the field, for whom printing will always be more than work. 

And, of course, we are grateful to you – those who stand by us and appreciate high-quality services, driving us forward every day. 

We look forward to greeting you in our new home, and be sure that you’ll be treated to a cup of coffee and invited to take a look around our new premises, still smelling of paint!