About the project

DUST is a biannual fashion and art magazine providing different point of view to the world of fashion magazines. The magazine was born in early 2010 between two cultural capitals London and Berlin. Constantly exploring the universe of youth living in this unpredictable world, DUST goes against the grain of standardized cultural trends or anything established by pop culture. The creators see the magazine as a laboratory of ideas and concepts through which they look for new esthetics and value for their images. DUST delves into the concerns and interests of modern world that leads to the reconsideration of the realms of communication, visual culture, art and fashion.


Sewn bound softcover brochure.


350 gsm coated Maxima Silk paper was used for the cover and 130 gsm of this paper was chosen for the inside pages .

Technical information

Sewn bound softcover brochure. Cover is decorated with gloss laminate and on the inside you can find high quality photographs, printed on coated paper.