European Business Awards

European Business Awards

„KOPA printing house – in the finals of the European Business Awards“

The year 2015 was exceptional for the KOPA printing house because of its engagement in new ambitious projects, which will allow us to offer our customers an even higher quality of publication, higher labour productivity and the fast turnaround of orders. Also, in 2015, the KOPA printing house participated in the European Business Awards which were organised for the ninth year.

The European Business Awards is one of the largest and most important events of its kind in Europe. The event honours the most innovative businesses that are also highly responsible about their business creation and development. The initiative is aimed at supporting stronger and more successful development of the business community in Europe. During 2014, as many as 24,000 companies from 33 European countries became interested in the opportunity to participate in the awards. In total, all of these companies account for more than 2.7 million employees and generate more than 1 trillion euro of profits.

We are proud that this year, the KOPA printing house became a national champion in the Environmental and Corporate Sustainability category. KOPA was selected from all the other Lithuanian companies competing in this category, and now stands a chance to become a winner among participants from all over Europe. Companies that pay special focus on social, ecological, cultural and environmental problems, and actively seek to resolve them through responsible business decisions, compete in the environmental group.
It was no accident that we chose participation in this particular category of the European Business Awards – the KOPA printing house has always been serious about sustainability and environmental issues. In 2014, the company received the Greenest Printing House in Lithuania award, due to its growing number of orders on recycled paper, the motivation of the printing house employees towards waste sorting and many other implemented initiatives that were presented to the awards jury.

One of the most important steps during the awards was to record and deliver a brief three minute presentation reflecting the company’s main values and implemented projects related with environmental protection and the promotion of more environmentally friendly production. These company presentations were intended to help the audience and the jury members select the most deserving candidate for each category.

We believe that in the printing service business, a sustainable approach to the environment, recycling of paper, responsible use of inks and waste management is a must. This is why these highlights became some of the most important in creating our presentation. We also wanted to emphasize the importance of everyone's personal contribution to resolving serious pollution, ecology and reforestation problems.

We invite you to look at our video, which has never been shown to the public before, presenting the KOPA printing house from our viewpoint. Vote for us and help us spread the message that the printing business not only can, but must be friendlier to the environment. Join us in the pursuit of a common goal!

You can vote for our KOPA presentation by clicking on the link (the voting will start on 26 February 2016):

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