About the project

The book Regeneration [and Its Tensions] is an ideological continuation of a cycle of conversations of the same name. The program, curated by Tautvydas Urbelis, Noah Brehmer and Miglė Babickaitė from March to October 2020, explored regeneration as a way to understand the multi-layered relationship between the city, culture and politics. Rejecting the binary and narrow view of the ‘they’ and ‘we’ urban cultures, the international speakers in the talk series shared ideas on how art, aesthetics and sound can have a positive impact on urban and architectural urban development. The program of lectures and events has shown that ‘regeneration’ is a phenomenon that requires multidisciplinary study, fostering the exchange of knowledge between different experts, researchers and artists. In this way, a productive environment for thinking about different urban futures is created.

Inspired by a cycle of conversations, the editors and authors of the book Regeneration [and Its Tensions] use the theoretical outline of the conversation program to imagine the potential for change in future urban spaces. Using the oft-seen image of weeds in cement cracks, they imagine the power to tame the alien environment, give it life, and regenerate it.“Regeneration [and its stresses] is a collection of all modern systems that make up a city, related to tangible and intangible (infra) structures. To varying degrees and from all sides, six authors embark on personal trips around the city.


Sewn softcover brochure with flaps.


300 gsm premium quality uncoated Munken Lynx Rough paper is selected for the cover, and 100 gsm uncoated Print White from the Munken paper collection is selected for the inside.

Technical information

Both flaps of the cover of the sewn brochure are folded forward, making the neon print on the second side of the first cover the main highlight of the book. The same color is repeated on the inside pages of this text brochure, giving the publication a feeling of integrity.